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Role Playing 4 fun

This Site is for Roleplaying and having fun so follows the rules and have fun~

Hello this is my Roleplay it's open to anyone, just make sure to have fun! :D

Our mascot is Miku  she's my pet from Chickensmoothie so thank you for the pet ♥ What Miku says goes 

    "Hypnos nodded, "Thatz good... I mean... Dope ta peep dat I aint tha only one whoz ass don't give a fuck what tha fuck they bustin..."  Dude looked ta her, findin comfort up in every last muthafuckin lil' small-ass thang her dope ass done did. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! "I miss you when you away." Dude found his schmoooove ass couldn't take her eyes off of her, n' no longer planned tha lyrics da thug was goin ta say, "There was not a god damn thang so calmin than wakin up next ta you dat morning, not a god damn thang mo' straight-up dope than hearin yo' voice first thang when I woke up." Dude was no longer on tha fuckin' down-low, da thug was wide awake, "There was not a god damn thang mo' straight-up dope meetin you, n' I can't help dat shit." Dude smiled, takin a hand n' liftin up her face, "Oh Krista," Dude put his wild lil' forehead ta hers, smiling, n' didn't hold back from blushing, "I've fallen straight-up fo' you, biatch. Those lil moments I spend wit you make me feel kickin it." Dude took one his handz away, kneelin down on tha floor n' tryin ta find tha pocket up in his baggy-ass pants dat wer under tha armor, "My fuckin bizzatch, mah straight-up dope bizzatch of light that's... Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Shown me all thangs up in a funky-ass betta view..." Dude found tha box n' took it out, openin it, "I can't git rid of dis feeling, n' I don't want to. This feeling... I straight-up trip off dat shit... I wanna feel dat shit. Every day. It make me wanna hollar playa! I wanna take comfort up in knowin dat you here fo' mah dirty ass... I want you ta bone mah dirty ass.""